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KIMIAPAJOOHAN Company began to work in the middle of imposed war and same time early in the year of Iran revolution economic sanction, while Iran's labs encountered with the crisis and lack of primary materials. Producing screening kits was the main aim of the factory in order to diagnose hereditary and congenial and illnesses of neonatal which G-6pd kit was produced in 1992 to diagnose favism and then NEO-PKU and NEO-TSH to diagnose PHENYL KETONURIA and congenital hypothyroidism and they were supplied to the market by the reference laboratory confirmation. At the present time in addition to these kits, Galactosemia kits and maple syrup urine disease (MSUD) are imported to the diagnostic Laboratories. Today KIMIAPAJOOHAN Company with 5 kinds of screening kits and more than 40 kinds of routine and specialized kits, having incomparable dipstick, can allocate considerable contribution of the laboratories diagnostic need.
KimiaPajoohan Research & Manufacturing

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Central office: n.2, floor 1, fifth pardis, Aria far St. Jalal ALAHMAD highway, Tehran. Factory: no.13, kimiapajoohan St., back of pars oil refinery, 21st of kilometer Tehran – Karaj road.

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